Title: Althea
Additional Names: Marshmallow
Literature References: Dried root of Althaea officinalis L., Malvaceae (marshmallow), deprived of brown, corky layer. Habit. Europe, Western and Northern Asia, naturalized in Eastern U.S. Constit. Asparagine, 25-35% mucilage, sugar, pectin.
Use: Demulcent.
Althiazide Altretamine Aluminon Aluminum Acetate Solution Aluminum Acetotartrate

Pronunciation stress on the first syllable (British) or second syllable (American)
Gender Female
Language(s) Greek
Meaning healer, wholesome
Other names
See also Althaia (Αλθαια), Altea

Althea is an English female personal name, originally a variation of the Greek name Althaea. Althea in Greek means "healer".

Richard Lovelace used the name in a poem ("To Althea, From Prison") that John Milton later alluded to in Lycidas.[1]