Angostura Bark

Title: Angostura Bark
Additional Names: Cusparia bark; Carony bark; Cortex Angosturae; Cortex Cuspariae
Literature References: The bark of the tree Galipea officinalis Hancock, habitat Venezuela, or the bark of the tree Cusparia febrifuga Humb., or C. trifoliata Engl., Rutaceae, habitat Brazil. Ref: Meyer, Pharm. Ztg. 80, 120 (1935).
Properties: Unpleasant, musty odor. Bitter, slightly aromatic taste with pungent after-taste. The bitterness is due mainly to the bitter principle angosturin, C9H12O5. The bark contains also the quinoline alkaloids cusparine, cuspareine; galipine, galipoidine, and galipoline.
Therap-Cat: Antipyretic.
Anhalamine Anhalonidine Anhalonine Anidulafungin Anilazine