Apocynum cannabinum

Title: Apocynum cannabinum
Additional Names: Canadian hemp; American Indian hemp; black Indian hemp; Indian physic; Indian dogbane
Literature References: Dried rhizome and roots of Apocynum cannabinum L., Apocynaceae. Habit. U.S. Constit. Cynotoxin, apocyncein, apocynin, cymarin, resin, tannin, bitter extractive, starch.
NOTE: Not to be confused with Apocynum androsaemifolium which has few of its properties.
Therap-Cat: Cardiotonic.
Apolipoprotein E Apoptolidin Aporeine Appetize? Apraclonidine

Apocynum cannabinum
Apocynum cannabinum in flower
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Gentianales
Family: Apocynaceae
Genus: Apocynum
Species: A. cannabinum
Binomial name
Apocynum cannabinum
  • A. sibiricum Jacq. 1777
  • A. canadense Shecut 1806
  • A. pubescens Mitch. ex R.Br. 1809
  • A. purpureum Tausch 1836
  • Forsteronia pavonii A.DC 1844
  • A. album Greene 1897
  • A. nemorale G.S.Mill. 1900
  • A. oblongum Greene 1902
  • A. salignum Greene 1902
  • A. cordigerum Greene 1911
  • A. arenarium Greene 1912
  • A. bebbianum Greene 1912
  • A. bolanderi Greene 1912
  • A. cervinum Greene 1912
  • A. densiflorum Greene 1912
  • A. dictyotum Greene 1912
  • A. estellinum Greene 1912
  • A. farwellii Greene 1912
  • A. isophyllum Greene 1912
  • A. subuligerum Greene 1912
  • A. suksdorfii Greene 1912
  • A. thermale Greene 1912
  • A. greeneanum Bég. & Beloserky 1913
  • A. cuspidatum Greene ex Bég. & Belosersky 1913
  • A. carolinii Nieuwl. 1913
  • A. cinereum Nieuwl. 1913
  • A. tomentulosum Nieuwl. 1913
  • A. angustifolium Wooton 1913
  • Cynopaema cannabinum (L.) Lunell 1916
  • ...

Apocynum cannabinum (Dogbane, Amy Root, Hemp Dogbane, Indian Hemp, Rheumatism Root, or Wild Cotton) is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows throughout much of North America - in the southern half of Canada and throughout the United States. It is a poisonous plant: Apocynum means "poisonous to dogs". All parts of the plant are poisonous and can cause cardiac arrest if ingested. The cannabinum in the scientific name and the common names Hemp Dogbane and Indian Hemp refer to its similarity to Cannabis as a fiber plant (see Hemp), rather than as a source of a psychoactive drug (see Cannabis (drug))

Although dogbane is poisonous to livestock, it likely got its name from its resemblance to a European species of the same name.[1]