Title: Betel
Literature References: Dried leaves of Piper betle L., Piperaceae. Habit. India, Ceylon, Malay Archipelago. Constit. 0.2-1% volatile oil, chavibetol, chavicol, cadinene, allylpyrocatechol. Ref: Ueda, Sasaki, J. Pharm. Soc. Jpn. 71, 559 (1951), C.A. 45, 9137g (1951).
Therap-Cat: Counterirritant.
Bethanechol Chloride Bethanidine Betonicine Betoxycaine Betulin

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiospermae
(unranked): Magnoliidae
Order: Piperales
Family: Piperaceae
Genus: Piper
Species: P. betle
Binomial name
Piper betle

The betel (Piper betle) is the leaf of a vine belonging to the Piperaceae family, which includes pepper and kava. It is valued both as a mild stimulant[1] and for its medicinal properties. Betel leaf is mostly consumed in Asia, and elsewhere in the world by some Asian emigrants, as betel quid or paan, with or without tobacco, in an addictive psycho-stimulating and euphoria-inducing formulation with adverse health effects.[2][3]

The betel plant is an evergreen and perennial creeper, with glossy heart-shaped leaves and white catkin. The betel plant originated from South and South East Asia.