Title: Chlorodibromomethane
CAS Registry Number: 124-48-1
CAS Name: Dibromochloromethane
Additional Names: chlorobromoform; monochlorodibromomethane; DBCM
Manufacturers' Codes: NCI-C55254
Molecular Formula: CHBr2Cl
Molecular Weight: 208.28
Percent Composition: C 5.77%, H 0.48%, Br 76.73%, Cl 17.02%
Literature References: Trihalomethane contaminant found in chlorinated water. Prepn: O. Jacobsen, R. Neumeister, Ber. 15, 599 (1882); M. Fedorynski et al., Synth. Commun. 7, 287 (1977). Toxicity studies: F. J. Bowman et al., Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 44, 213 (1978); Y. Aida et al., J. Toxicol. Sci. 17, 119 (1992). Review of toxicology and human exposure: Toxicological Profile for Bromoform and Dibromochloromethane (PB2006-100001, 2005) 273 pp. Review of carcinogenic risk: IARC Monographs 52, 243-268 (1991).
Properties: Liquid. bp 121.3-121.8° (Fedorynski); also reported as bp 123-125° (Jacobsen). d15 2.4450. nD20 1.5471. Sol in ethanol, ether, acetone. LD50 in male, female rats (mg/kg): 370, 760 orally (Aida); in male, female mice (mg/kg): 800, 1200 by gavage (Bowman).
Boiling point: bp 121.3-121.8° (Fedorynski); bp 123-125° (Jacobsen)
Index of refraction: nD20 1.5471
Density: d15 2.4450
Toxicity data: LD50 in male, female rats (mg/kg): 370, 760 orally (Aida); in male, female mice (mg/kg): 800, 1200 by gavage (Bowman)
Use: Chemical reagent/intermediate in organic synthesis.
Chlorofluorocarbons Chloroform Chlorogenic Acid Chlorogenin Chloromethyl Methyl Ether

Skeletal formula of dibromochloromethane
Spacefill model of dibromochloromethane
Abbreviations CDBM[citation needed]
CAS number 124-48-1 YesY
PubChem 31296
ChemSpider 29036 YesY
EC number 204-704-0
KEGG C14692 YesY
MeSH chlorodibromomethane
RTECS number PA6360000
Beilstein Reference 1731046
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula CHBr2Cl
Molar mass 208.28 g mol−1
Appearance Colorless liquid
Density 2.451 g mL−1
Melting point −22 °C; −8 °F; 251 K
Boiling point 119 to 120 °C; 246 to 248 °F; 392 to 393 K (at 99.7 kPa)
log P 2.206
kH 8.6 μmol Pa−1 kg−1
Refractive index (nD) 1.547
GHS pictograms The exclamation-mark pictogram in the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)
GHS signal word WARNING
GHS hazard statements H302
EU classification Harmful Xn
R-phrases R22
LD50 370 mg kg−1 (oral, rat)
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Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C (77 °F), 100 kPa)
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Dibromochloromethane is a compound with formula CHBr2Cl. It is a trihalomethane.

Dibromochloromethane was formerly used as a flame retardant and as an intermediate in chemicals manufacturing. Today it is used only as a laboratory reagent.

Small quantities of dibromochloromethane are produced in ocean by algae.