Title: Cyclohexanol
CAS Registry Number: 108-93-0
Additional Names: Hexalin; hexahydrophenol
Molecular Formula: C6H12O
Molecular Weight: 100.16
Percent Composition: C 71.95%, H 12.08%, O 15.97%
Literature References: Obtained by oxidation of cyclohexane or hydrogenation of phenol: Faith, Keyes & Clark's Industrial Chemicals, F. A. Lowenheim, M. K. Moran, Eds. (Wiley-Interscience, New York, 4th ed., 1975) pp 304-309. Toxicity study: H. F. Smyth et al., Am. Ind. Hyg. Assoc. J. 23, 95 (1962).
Properties: Hygroscopic crystals; camphor odor. d20 0.962. mp 23-25°. bp 161°. Flash pt, closed cup: 154°F (68°C). nD22 1.465. At 20° soly in water: 3.6% (w/w); soly of water in cyclohexanol: 11% (w/w). Miscible with ethanol, ethyl acetate, linseed oil, petr solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons. LD50 orally in rats: 2.06 g/kg (Smyth).
Melting point: mp 23-25°
Boiling point: bp 161°
Flash point: Flash pt, closed cup: 154°F (68°C)
Index of refraction: nD22 1.465
Density: d20 0.962
Toxicity data: LD50 orally in rats: 2.06 g/kg (Smyth)
CAUTION: Potential symptoms of overexposure are irritation of eyes, nose, throat and skin; narcosis. See NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (DHHS/NIOSH 97-140, 1997) p 84.
Use: Solvent for alkyd resins, alcohol-sol phenolic resins, ethyl cellulose. Manuf celluloid; finishing textiles; insecticides.
Cyclohexanone Cyclohexene Cycloheximide Cyclohexyl Bromide Cyclohexyl Chloride

Skeletal formula Ball-and-stick model
CAS number 108-93-0 YesY
PubChem 7966
ChemSpider 7678 YesY
EC-number 203-630-6
DrugBank DB03703
KEGG C00854 YesY
ChEBI CHEBI:18099 YesY
RTECS number GV7875000
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula C6H12O
Molar mass 100.158 g/mol
Appearance Colorless, viscous liquid.
Odor camphor-like
Density 0.9624 g/mL, liquid
Melting point 25.93 °C; 78.67 °F; 299.08 K
Boiling point 161.84 °C; 323.31 °F; 434.99 K
Solubility in water 3.60 g/100 mL (20 °C)
4.3 g/100 mL (30 °C)
Solubility soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether acetone, chloroform
miscible with ethyl acetate, linseed oil, benzene
kH 4.40 x 10-6 atm-cu m/mol
Acidity (pKa) 16
Refractive index (nD) 1.4641
Viscosity 41.07 mPa·s (30 °C)
MSDS MSDS for cyclohexanol
R-phrases R20 R22 R37 R38
S-phrases S24 S25
Main hazards Flammable, skin irritant
Reacts violently with oxidizing agents
NFPA 704
NFPA 704.svg
Flash point 67 °C; 153 °F; 340 K
Autoignition temperature 300 °C; 572 °F; 573 K
Explosive limits 2.7-12%
LD50 2.06 g/kg (oral, rat)
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Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C (77 °F), 100 kPa)
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Cyclohexanol is the organic compound with the formula (CH2)5CHOH. The molecule is related to cyclohexane ring by replacement of one hydrogen atom by a hydroxyl group.[2] This compound exists as a deliquescent colorless solid, which, when very pure, melts near room temperature. Billions of kilograms are produced annually, mainly as a precursor to nylon.[3]