Title: Eletriptan
CAS Registry Number: 143322-58-1
CAS Name: 3-[[(2R)-1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinyl]methyl]-5-[2-(phenylsulfonyl)ethyl]-1H-indole
Additional Names: 5-[2-(benzenesulfonyl)ethyl]-3-(1-methylpyrrolidin-2(R)-ylmethyl)-1H-indole
Manufacturers' Codes: UK-116044
Molecular Formula: C22H26N2O2S
Molecular Weight: 382.52
Percent Composition: C 69.08%, H 6.85%, N 7.32%, O 8.37%, S 8.38%
Literature References: Serotonin 5-HT1B/1D receptor agonist. Prepn: J. E. Macor, M. J. Wythes, WO 9206973; eidem, US 5545644 (1992, 1996 both to Pfizer). Pharmacology: E. Willems et al., Arch. Pharmacol. 358, 212 (1998). Affinity and specificity of receptor binding: C. Napier et al., Eur. J. Pharmacol. 368, 259 (1999). Clinical trial in comparison with sumatriptan, q.v.: P. J. Goadsby et al., Neurology 54, 156 (2000). Review of pharmacokinetics, and clinical efficacy: A. Bardsley-Elliot, S. Noble, CNS Drugs 12, 325-333 (1999).
Derivative Type: Hydrobromide
CAS Registry Number: 177834-92-3
Trademarks: Relpax (Pfizer)
Molecular Formula: C22H26N2O2S.HBr
Molecular Weight: 463.43
Percent Composition: C 57.02%, H 5.87%, N 6.04%, O 6.90%, S 6.92%, Br 17.24%
Properties: White to light pale colored powder. Readily sol in water.
Therap-Cat: Antimigraine.
Keywords: Serotonin Receptor Agonist; Antimigraine.
Eleutherobin Elgodipine Ellagic Acid Ellipticine Elliptinium Acetate

Eletriptane Structural Formulae.png
Systematic (IUPAC) name
(R)-3-[(-1-methylpyrrolidin-2-yl)methyl]-5-(2-phenylsulfonylethyl)- 1H-indole
Clinical data
Trade names Relpax
AHFS/Drugs.com monograph
MedlinePlus a603029
Pregnancy cat. C (US)
Legal status Prescription only
Routes oral
Pharmacokinetic data
Bioavailability 50%
Metabolism CYP3A4
Half-life 4 hours
CAS number 143322-58-1 YesY
ATC code N02CC06
PubChem CID 77993
IUPHAR ligand 40
DrugBank DB00216
ChemSpider 70379 YesY
KEGG D01973 N
ChEBI CHEBI:50922 YesY
Chemical data
Formula C22H26N2O2S 
Mol. mass 382.52 g/mol
 N (what is this?)  (verify)

Eletriptan (trade name Relpax, used in the form of eletriptan hydrobromide) is a second generation triptan drug intended for treatment of migraine headaches. It is used as an abortive medication, blocking a migraine attack which is already in progress. Eletriptan is marketed and manufactured by Pfizer Inc. It is sold in the US and Canada under the brand name Relpax, and in several other countries under the brand name Relert.