Title: Flumethasone
CAS Registry Number: 2135-17-3
CAS Name: (6a,11b,16a)-6,9-Difluoro-11,17,21-trihydroxy-16-methylpregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione
Additional Names: 6a,9a-difluoro-16a-methylprednisolone; 6a-fluorodexamethasone
Trademarks: Aniprime (Syntex Diamond); Cortexilar (Veterinaria); Flucort (Syntex); Methagon (Corvel)
Molecular Formula: C22H28F2O5
Molecular Weight: 410.45
Percent Composition: C 64.38%, H 6.88%, F 9.26%, O 19.49%
Literature References: Prepn: GB 902292; F. H. Lincoln et al., US 3499016 (1962, 1970 both to Upjohn). Prepn of the 21-acetate: J. A. Edwards et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 81, 3156 (1959); 82, 2318 (1960).
Derivative Type: 21-Acetate
Molecular Formula: C24H30F2O6
Molecular Weight: 452.49
Percent Composition: C 63.70%, H 6.68%, F 8.40%, O 21.22%
Properties: Crystals from acetone + hexane, mp 260-264°. [a]D +91°. uv max (ethanol): 237 nm (log e 4.16).
Melting point: mp 260-264°
Optical Rotation: [a]D +91°
Absorption maximum: uv max (ethanol): 237 nm (log e 4.16)
Derivative Type: 21-Pivalate
CAS Registry Number: 2002-29-1
Trademarks: Locacorten (Novartis); Locorten (Novartis); Lorinden (Polfa)
Molecular Formula: C27H36F2O6
Molecular Weight: 494.57
Percent Composition: C 65.57%, H 7.34%, F 7.68%, O 19.41%
Therap-Cat: Glucocorticoid; anti-inflammatory.
Therap-Cat-Vet: Glucocorticoid.
Keywords: Glucocorticoid.
Flumethiazide Flumethrin Flumetramide Flumetsulam Flumiclorac

Systematic (IUPAC) name
Clinical data
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Legal status  ?
Routes Topical
Pharmacokinetic data
Metabolism Hepatic, CYP3A4-mediated
CAS number 2135-17-3 YesY
ATC code D07AB03 , D07XB01 (combinations), QH02AB90
PubChem CID 16490
KEGG D04208 YesY
Synonyms (6S,8S,9S,10S,11S,13S,14S,16R,17R)-6,9-difluoro-11,17-dihydroxy-17-(2-hydroxyacetyl)-10,13,16-trimethyl-6,7,8,11,12,14,15,16-octahydrocyclopenta[a]phenanthren-3-one
Chemical data
Formula C22H28F2O5 
Mol. mass 410.452 g/mol
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Flumethasone (usually as the pivalic acid ester flumethasone pivalate, trade name Locacorten or Locorten) is a corticosteroid for topical use. It is available in combination with clioquinol, under the trade name Locacorten-Vioform (in some countries Locorten-Vioform), for the treatment of otitis externa and otomycosis.