Title: Ghi
Additional Names: Ghee; samli; clarified butter
Literature References: Prepd from cream or butter by melting and heating to 122° for about 25 mins. The water evaporates, and lactose, salt, and albuminous substances sink to the bottom. This treatment kills existing microorganisms by heat and deprives incoming microorganisms of moisture and necessary nutrients.
Properties: Properly clarified butter is of finely grained consistency, yellow color, mp 30° and retains most of the vitamin A content of the original butter. Keeps much longer than ordinary butter and contains less than 0.7% water. Used in India instead of butter.
Melting point: mp 30°
Gibberellic Acid Gibberellins Gibbs Reagent Gigantine Ginkgo

GHI may stand for:

  • Gardens for Health International, an American non-profit which provides land advocacy and nutritional support for Rwandans living with HIV/AIDS
  • Ghee, sometimes spelled Ghi
  • Ghost Hunters International
  • Global Health Initiatives, humanitarian initiatives that raise and disburse additional funds for infectious diseases
  • Global Hunger Index, a measure of progress in the global fight against hunger
  • Grand Hotels International, a hotel conglomerate
  • Greenbelt Homes, Inc., a housing cooperative in Greenbelt, Maryland
  • Group Health Incorporated, a health insurance company and HMO
  • Guitar Hero, a video game also known as Guitar Hero I