Muromonab CD3

Title: Muromonab CD3
CAS Registry Number: 140608-64-6
Manufacturers' Codes: OKT3
Trademarks: Orthoclone OKT3 (J & J)
Literature References: Murine monoclonal IgG2a antibody directed against the CD3 surface antigen on mature T-cells; designed as a specific T-cell inhibitor for treatment of transplant rejection. Prepn: P. C. Kung et al., Science 206, 347 (1979); P. C.-S. Kung, G. Goldstein, EP 18795; eidem, US 4361549 (1980, 1982 both to Ortho Pharm.). Clinical study in renal transplant: G. Goldstein et al., N. Engl. J. Med. 313, 337 (1985); in heart transplant: M. P. Macris et al., J. Heart Transplant. 8, 281 (1989). Review of development and mechanism of action: G. Goldstein, Transplant. Proc. 19, Suppl. 1, 1-6 (1987); of pharmacology and clinical use in transplantation: M. A. Hooks et al., Pharmacotherapy 11, 26-37 (1991); M. I. Wilde, K. L. Goa, Drugs 51, 865-894 (1996).
Therap-Cat: Immunosuppressant.
Keywords: Immunosuppressant.
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Muromonab-CD3 ?
Monoclonal antibody
Type Whole antibody
Source Mouse
Target CD3ε
Clinical data
AHFS/ Consumer Drug Information
MedlinePlus a605011
Pregnancy cat. C (US)
Legal status Prescription only
Routes intravenous
Pharmacokinetic data
Bioavailability N/A
CAS number 140608-64-6 YesY
ATC code L04AA02
DrugBank DB00075
Chemical data
Formula C6460H9946N1720O2043S56 
Mol. mass 146.091 kDa
 N (what is this?)  (verify)

Muromonab-CD3 (trade name Orthoclone OKT3, marketed by Janssen-Cilag) is an immunosuppressant drug given to reduce acute rejection in patients with organ transplants.[1][2] It is a monoclonal antibody targeted at the CD3 receptor, a membrane protein on the surface of T cells. It was the first monoclonal antibody to be approved for clinical use in humans.[2]